Topic of the Day – Canine Glaucoma

February 1, 2019

What is glaucoma? In the video, Dr Esson describes canine glaucoma and different strategies for managing the disease.

First of all, the glaucomas represent a group of diseases which are generally associated with increased pressure inside the eye and the loss of vision due to nerve cell damage.

Just like people, dogs may be affected by many different forms of glaucoma, including…
-Congenital = present at the time of birth.
-Primary = generally in association with a hereditary predisposition for the development of elevated eye pressure. Although these changes typically take years to develop, the attack of the disease may occur acutely, sometimes within just a few hours.
-Secondary = generally in association with changes and/or inflammation inside the eye such as luxation of the lens, chronic uveitis, retinal detachment, trauma and/or various types of cancer related diseases.

To add, there are different strategies for managing the glaucoma’s by accurately assessing the changes present, topical and/or systemic medical therapy or surgical intervention. Surgery typically encompasses either maximizing fluid drainage from the eye with some form of implantable drainage device OR reducing fluid production and inflammation in the eye using laser energy to destroy ciliary tissue.

Overall, the decisions regarding the type and timing of therapy and/or intervention vary from patient to patient. These decisions are most ideally made by experienced & qualified board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists.

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